From humble beginnings.

BIZ Karts is part of the family run BIZ Group, based in London, England. Founded in 1816, B.I.Z., which stood for Builders Iron & Zinc Work, supplied sheet metal & building materials to the trade. Over time, the BIZ Group has evolved and now consists of 3 companies: BIZ Karts, BIZ Engineering & BIZ Power Tools.

BIZ Karts is one of the leading go-kart suppliers in the world and we have been manufacturing karts for over 20 years. Set up in 1994 by Mike Smith and a small team, the company was quick to grow in the United Kingdom and Europe, selling fleets of rental karts and supplying the spares parts. Our range of corporate karts are well known for their durability, quality, and quite simply the fantastic drive they offer the customer. We are proud to manufacture over 1000 karts every year at our London factory. Each and every one of our karts is manufactured individually for the customer, from the hand welded chassis through to component assembly and finishing with graphics set application. This allows our customers to benefit from ultimate customization of the karts to suit their individual requirements.

BIZ Karts goes Stateside.

2017 marked another incredibly exciting year for the BIZ Karts brand as we moved Stateside with our second offices. BIZ Karts Inc are ready to take on the world, and are best placed to serve North America, Canada and Mexico with our new Florida-based office!

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More than just the karts. A turnkey solution.

It's not just the karts we pride ourselves in. We have built on our extensive knowledge of the industry and can offer our customers a turn-key solution. From track design,  barrier system and complete graphics kit, to business start-up packs, racewear and full spare parts shop, we really can help you with everything for your kart project.

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