BIZ Karts offer a truly customised product to suit the individual client requirements. All of our new karts are built to order. The options available are too vast for us to keep karts on the shelf.

We can guide you through the process of buying the correct kart for your need, from selecting a model to suit your budget and venue, making sure you have the correct engine or motor to suit your track, and the correct options to suit your customers and environment. Sliding seat unit, roll bar & seat belt, adjustable pedals, catalytic converters and silent exhausts are just some of the options on offer. Our new EcoVolt NG can be built with fully integrated remote shutdown, pit lane and sector speed limit control, and Push-to-Pass System.

We can design and print fully customised graphics for your fleet of karts using our in-house printers. The result is a uniform and professional looking fleet of karts, as well as a fantastic branding opportunity for your business.  The process is very simple- We can provide you with an easy to use template so you can design your own graphics yourself. Alternatively, send us your logo and company colours and we will send you a mock-up design for approval. Once you are happy with your design, we print the graphics in-house and fix to the karts during manufacture.

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