Electric Karts

BIZ Karts manufacture the most technologically advanced electric kart available on the commercial kart market. Our in-house electrical engineers spent over a year developing a completely bespoke electric system using a brushless motor, 48V motor controller, active balancing Battery Management System and LiFePO4 (Lithium-Ion) batteries. The EcoVolt NG offers an unrivalled performance and recharge times, creating the perfect solution for commercial kart circuits across the world. Click on "Our US Presence" to find out which circuits in America are running our electric karts now!

EcoVolt GT

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The brand new BIZ EcoVolt GT brings the latest in battery technology, smart technology, and innovative design. The world leading electric rental kart has arrived.

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EcoVolt NG+

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The EcoVolt NG+ was enhanced in 2019 and boasts updated electronics, a motor package and bodywork improvements. Vigorous testing cycles performed in-house allowed us to further improve performance and reliability. Take a closer look at the EcoVolt NG+ now.

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EcoVolt Junior

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Offering everything that our EcoVolt NG does, the Junior has been designed exclusively for children through to small adults. Each component has been carefully selected by the design team at BIZ Karts. 

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