Night Photoshoot at the BIZ Karts Factory

This week, we commissioned a fantasticvideo production company called twobytwo to video various models from our range of go-karts. We chose to shoot a 360 degree promotional video, that showed off every angle of the kart as well as capturing close up zooms of particular features that provide great benefits to the customer. We shot four promotional videos in total, wo of which were for our electric karts (the 'EcoVolt Adult' and the 'EcoVolt Cadet'), one for our 'JK7 Thunder Hawk' Off-Road rally kart and finally our 'Le Mans' petrol go-kart. We utilised the vast space we have available downstairs in the factory and shot throughout night to ensure complete darkness for the professional lighting to take full effect. Twobytwo used a dolly and 30 foot of track to enable the camera to rotate a complete 360 degrees around the go-karts. We opted for soft, overhead lighting using the 2 tonne crane in the factory to hang down above the karts. The production company shot 4K for the videos to provide additional resolution for the close up zooms of the various features.

We also filmed a timelapse of the entire shoot, which you can watch on YouTube by clicking here

Take a look at the JK7 Off Road video below, and let us know what you think!

EcoVolt Cadet dark shot
Le Mans dark shot
JK7 dark shot
camera shot 2


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